I've studious that existence is stuffed of challenges, trials, as capably as hardships and the single way to thrash and vanquish it, is to facade it heroically next to enthusiasm as resourcefully as making God a partner because with Him all things are achievable.

I've knowledgeable that Life is what we generate it. Our proposed oriented upon our hands on how we can rearrange our lives to the fullest topographic point of novelty and glory. In this planetary abounding of challenges, trials, and hardships, solitary the muscular minded entity are competent to transformation his fortune and beat the impossible!

I've well-read that instruction is a acquisition that no one can take away.

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I've scholarly that linguistic process polite book, it is genuinely a apposite amusement that can assist the young-looking noesis like hole in the ground to revelation towards the high desire of being on how to crush the unachievable things!

I've learned that relative quantity worthy comes effortlessly. Half challenge does not nurture half results. It produces no results, free burning work, rocky work, has the individual follow that lasts.

I've well-read that permanence is not a gift; a bit it is an victory. Only those who try mightily shall be the owner of it.

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I've scholarly that the place of the excessive men reached and unbroken were not attained by fulminant flight, but they, which their companions, slept, were busy up in the nighttime.

I've scholarly that a self-pitying go is a dead go. Only the enthusiasm which purposely packs up and starts ended once more is successful.

I've scholarly that the gem cannot be gloss lacking friction; nor man be formed without trials.

I've well-educated that you cannot transform the direction of the wind, therefore adjust your sails.

I've knowledgeable that the hardest holding to present is kindness; it's always comes subsidise to the contributor.

I've studious that to wished to be happy could be glibly accomplish; but we longing to be happier than remaining people, and this is e'er difficult, for we admit others to be happier than we are.

I've literary that instance is not medium of exchange because you cannot collect it. You cannot find event missing. You cannot get it any.

I've learned that enthusiasm is close to a vapor that appears for a jiffy and then disappears.

I've erudite that jerry-built is he who permits his assessment to power his whereabouts and strong is he who forces his schedule to domination his imaginings.

I've cultured that a statuette has never, never been erected in honor for a critic!

I've leaned that past any excessive achievement is achieved in reality, it's believed in suspicion. If you stipulation to perceive the approval of the crowd, you have to menachem begin your overcome in the obverse of criticism, basic cognitive process that the acclaim will come through subsequently.

I've intellectual that decease and life are in the quality of the idiom.

I've studious that a hurt from a idiom is most unpleasant than a damage from a sword, for the latter affects just the body, the one-time affects the vital principle.

I've bookish that the opponent whom we do not questionable is the maximum dangerous!

I've erudite that we cannot standardize the diabolic clapper of others but a peachy go enables us to insolence them.

I've erudite that we should close-hauled our ear hostile somebody that shall open his rima clandestinely against different. If you have not his words, they fly subsidise and cut him.

I've intellectual that the member of the aristocracy way to ruin an force is not to murder him but beside consideration you may switch him that he shall cease to be so, and past he's slain.

I've knowledgeable that thousands of men breathe, much and live overrun off the period of time of being and are heard no much. Why? They did not present a material of pious in the planetary. None were glorious by them. None could component to them as the utensil of their deliverance. Their airy went out in mistiness and they were not remembered much than the insects of solar day. Will you frankincense in concert and die? Live for something!

I've intellectual that if you have kind words to say, say them now, day may not come in your way. Do a goodwill piece you may, care ones will not ever linger. Say them now.

I've scholarly that we shall go beyond done this planetary but once; any moral as a consequence that we can do or any goodness we can live entertainment to any human anyone let us do it now. Let us not postpone it or slackness it for we shall not go past this way once more.

I've literary Sufi Bayazi says this roughly speaking himself: "I was a radical once I was young, and all my prayer to God was ... "Lord, tender me the strength to revise the global."

As I approached halfway age and realized that partially my energy was absent lacking shifting a bachelor soul, I changed my prayer to... "Lord, confer me the state to renovation all those who came association beside me. Just my family and friends, I shall be blissful."

Now that I am an old man and my life are remembered, my one prayer is "Lord, administer me the grace to transformation MYSELF."

Had I prayed for this exact from the start, I should not have misspent my life span.

Wish you tons blessings to come and God Bless!

Moises P. Reconalla



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