Bacteria such as Haemophyllus Influenza or Streptococcus Pneumonia are usual inhabitants of our upper respiratory tract causing no damages to the body. When the organism is affected by another viral infection, is weaken or the sinuses are obstructed, they lead to an acute sinus infection. Fungal organisms like Aspergillus and Curvularia cause an allergic sinusitis to persons with suppressed immune systems.

Patients with nasal polyps or asthma can easily develop sinusitis during medication with non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like aspirin or Ibuprofen.

Chronic sinusitis, as well as acute sinusitis can be especially caused by the allergic rhinitis, a nasal inflammatory disease. The condition known as vasomotor rhinitis is triggered by cold air, humidity, perfumes and alcohol also induces sinus infections.

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Most common cause of chronic sinusitis is allergic factors in the air producing sinus inflammation; such allergens are dust, pollen, mold and they set off allergic rhinitis, the primer stage to a chronic sinus condition. Pollution and damp weather are also important triggers for chronic sinusitis. Allergic fungal sinusitis is given by the body's reaction to outer fungus by releasing chemical compounds which produce inflammation and cause sinusitis.

Inhaled allergens make the bodies immune and defense cells to release histamine and other allergic factors on the sinus mucosa, leading to its swelling and to blocking the mucus drainage.

Nasal polyps and septum deviation are congenital or gained anatomical abnormalities and can cause sinus infections as well by keeping the mucus inside the nasal passages. The deviated septum means the inclination of the central nose bone between the nasal passages on one side, often the left side.

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People usually treat all symptoms like the ones from a cold and ignore the possibility of sinusitis. The acute sinusitis lasts longer than a cold and doesn't get better without treatment. Doctors set the diagnosis after a complete medical history, physical exam and radiological methods. The main concern of the treatment is to reduce pain, cure the inflammation and infection and resume the nasal drainage.

Sinusitis caused by bacterial organisms can be easier cured with a combination of antibiotics and nasal decongestant sprays. This kind of medication can cause side-effects like swelling and congestion.

The worst type of sinus damage is the combination between allergic condition and sinus infection; both cause congestion, discomfort, inflammation and excessive mucus secretion. Nasal sprays with steroidal components can be used for a longer time and usually have no side effects, except maybe irritation of the mucosa of the nasal passages.

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