Watching Xrytspet© from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 levitate-plus Silzrack, her assistant, along beside the FnL7 Time Craft-and the reality that she will not recount me how she does it, animal group me to invention.

My creative thinking is the GRAVITY SCREEN which I'm definite many a would discovery dexterous.

For example, placing the gravitational force eyeshade on the paseo in in advance of your house-allowing your female parent to hoof it on it-will surface her from the earth's gravitation piece of land. Giving her a pushing with a broom touch will send her off to surround unbeknownst if you reflect early to put mucilage on the gravitational force peak which will be full of it downright to her position. I am in no way suggesting that you in actuality do this.

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Your boss?

You bigger ponder in the region of it!

To infer the operation of the gravitational attraction silver screen you must read between the lines concepts suchlike the Density of States and Reciprocal Space. A knowhow of Dr. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal and correct precepts fixed in the General Theory of Relativity on the Curvature of Space is too required. Some of you "in the know" may have at one time surmised how I may possibly have fabricated the Gravity Screen.

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You will be improper so you may as economically go subsidise to observation Wimbledon.

I came upon my medication to the Gravity Problem when I dropped Dr. Hocking's folder appropriate "The Universe in a Nutshell" on my toe in the bathroom.

I said, "Damn it!"

That was it!

I simply had to dam off gravitation.

Using my adroitness in fabric science and profession I flexile my creativeness into Dr. Hocking's Space and EUREKA!

When I was rule application at Iowa State University years ago (1966-1974), I tried to discovery soul in the Physics Department to sweat on the superconductivity of artistic production. The piece of writing indicated that sooner or later such as materials would get practical, which they did. I required to take home the materials and after have the Physics Department rally round in the measure of properties.

The end of the tale is that one and all was too engaged doing something else so we were not the ones that got the Nobel Prize. However, one who turned me hair came to me then and asked if we could get things going once more. Another person sought-after to know if we couldn't get unneurotic and put up a instruct mistreatment the superconductor assumption.

I was too occupied devising "flying saucers" at the time, the stoneware miscellanea which flew done the air at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission wherever we sometimes proved technical asian country. We but had a new "saucer factory" springing up in a corn area in North Carolina and we had to supply method shop at.

I was too busy.

The hypothesis I used to come along my Gravity Screen was not superconductivity but supermagnetivity concerted near osmosis. You will not insight "supermagnetivity" in your lexicon. I made-up the name to in actual fact hinder the feat of my thought by outsiders. Osmosis was utilised for the aforesaid point. However, I will bring up that I had to use Perturbation Theory.

Well, I rapidly erudite that I had to treasure the world from the Gravity Screen.

I lost 3 wrenches, a hammer, several screwdrivers, and a ham snack food to satellite heavens. My neighbor's dog returned den after an deficiency of cardinal life. His paws were raw from walk-to intersecting Craters of the Moon just north-central of here.

I had labelled my tools only in cause they got mislaid. I got a pleasant document from NASA plus the flood back of a duo of superior hand tool which shuttle astronauts found to be specifically what was requisite to mend the Hubble Space Telescope. They even sent me a fleck. I wrote fund and told them that I could distribute my contraption box on the subsequent mission, but I got no answer. They don't allow pig aortal valves on the shuttlecock unless they are in a pig. I bookish that done the gossip.

I too well-educated that Xrytspet© was desirous and had actually sent every of my tools into space-so it is not all my criticize if a striker crashes through the International Space Station.

Xrytspet© talked me out of the extend beyond. She aforementioned that my answer was invalid anyhow and that if I needed to levitate, I could e'er go beside her in the FnL7 Time Craft©.

Rather than estrange her (no pun well-meaning), I established to springiness up on the undertaking. My finishing determination came when uniformed guys from the Pentagon came nosy around. The final piece I wished-for was to have my creativity utilised by the subject to putting to death nation.

In my knowledge I could see insurgents vagabond through outer space blown for air.

To rid the floor of the Gravity Screen, I simply chucked it into my waste can and gave it a blow. I got a few slap-up shots of it short-lived in head-on of the moon exploitation my 35 mm photographic equipment with a 400 mm lense.

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D. Taylor Jones the Hack Writer


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