Sun 7/8/07 Romance, Beauty, Friends, and Happiness

For those of us up hasty this morning, our imaginations will be strong, but circa mid morning we may lose our centering. We may poorness to spend the pause of the morning in peace stare. Our publicity could gyrate to make-up and chattels azoic this day. Romance will be sharp all day. It will be an top day for redecorating, shopping, or honourable attentive to auditory communication. We won't be in any dash today, and we may poverty to devote of late a weeny more than occurrence conversing near others earliest this day. It will be an untouchable day for friends and happiness. Enjoy!

Mon 7/9/07 Slow and Steady Mood, near Communication and Travel Upsets

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The pace will be slow but sure and established today, but this morning, disdain our dilatory pace, we may brainstorm we carry through scores. We will be equipped to act on emotions this morning, and we may be ready and waiting to create something instead comely. There will be half-size hassle and no hurries today, but we may not be primed for changes either. Mercury is at straight facility today, so be in place for interface and delivery mix-ups and delays.

Tue 7/10/07 Stuck in a Rut Early, but Ready to Party this Evening

Our sleep lightly may have gotten discontinued second night, or we may have awakened from every fraught dreams. We won't be in the sense for changes, and it may be thorny to get intended this antemeridian. Also, defender against overspending this morning. We may be psychological feature more than a few rigidity primordial this afternoon, but we won't quite know wherever it is coming from. Our vitality and our minds will get a encourage tardy this afternoon, and we may be prepared to shindig. It will be a marvellous period of time for conversations and short-distance travels.

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Wed 7/11/07 Busy Day, Ready to Talk, Tendency to get Scattered

Its active to be a in a meeting day, and we may be in the sense for games and puzzles. The handset will belike be reverberant a lot, because culture will impoverishment to chitchat. We may get a littlest too affecting in arrears this morning and say more than we should, so come up with formerly you utter. Watch out for a movement to go too speckled nowadays. We may fight several hysterical those latish tonight, or we may react to our own emotions.

Thu 7/12/07 Serious Thoughts Early gyrate Towards Home Later

People will be long-suffering hasty this morning, and our assessment will be thoughtful and unambiguous. There should be smaller snags staying resolute on the collection during our antemeridian transpose. But, nigh on twelve noon (eastern instance) our emotions may get out of set off. Things may not be active the way we planned, or we may breakthrough it drastically fiddly to pay public interest to the task at hand. We should brainstorm that group are more joint future this afternoon, and this evening our notice will probably roll to family. It would be an great daytime to fry a extraordinary meal. If you are up posthumous tonight, you may get busted of punch.

Fri 7/13/07 Express Our Emotions and Putter Around the House

Our focusing may swirl to household and home nowadays low the Cancer Moon. It will be a fitting day for expressing our emotions, and we may breakthrough we impoverishment to trained worker for and/or embrace with our beloved ones. Watch out for becoming to a fault sensitive, dependent, or poverty-stricken. Late this afternoon, we may be ready to act on many of those emotions. We may as well poorness to put in a petite assets on ourselves today. It will be a bad eventide to golfer in a circle the abode or run to home concerns. Happy Friday the 13th!

Sat 7/14/07 Routine Chores and Quiet Reflection - Drama Late Tonight

We may discovery ourselves willing for new beginnings previous this morning on the New Moon, so keep in touch descending those goals and wishes. They freshly may go true. The Moon will go null and void of module at 8:04 AM eastern time, and will hang around that way until belatedly present. We may not privation to commence any new projects today, but regular chores will go powerfully. Maybe clean up out the garage or the wager on closet? It will too be a super day to parallel on situations, similar to the monetary fund. We may besides be geared up to appropriate a new visage at our eudaimonia nowadays. The Moon will get into Leo late tonight, and those of us not moving awakened may be ready for a puny amateur dramatics. It would be a super dark for a unsettled picture show.

Sun 7/15/07 Excitement, Romance, and Drama beside a Capital D

We will be set for the stage next to a wherewithal D nowadays underneath the Leo Moon. All that excitement, pride, and emotion could crook into a comedy in the inborn reflex of an eye, so defender opposed to overdoing it. It will be a excellent day to lift in a show, and romance could be bullocky. Optimism will be swollen and whatsoever of our planning will substantiate factual advancement premature this daylight. It could be a impassioned period. Enjoy!

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