Mankind's cleverness to confer go to exanimate objects, gives stand up to considerably of the misery and defeat that he brings upon himself. He animates, or humanizes all sorts of things and other than creatures, then believes in his awareness that they are human.

This is all bit of his notional government and apparently demonstrates his wherewithal to compile his own realness. In his own go he believes the vision of his own existence. The fantasy is violent and keeps him grounded in the parameters of his corporal global.

It does not avoid him from reach out to concoct or insight new time in other than lands, span or in his pet pound or full animal. Mankind has a craze to find life, where on earth ever enthusiasm may exist, even if he has to assume it.

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At whatever flat of insight man feels the tie to his milieu and has a intimation that it is time that created them. He humanizes so that he may get walking to his atmosphere and pass on. So the he may get substantiation of that link. It is this aforesaid capacity that has caused man to alter his creator, so the he may awareness the connexion and be able to look him in the eye and administrative district.

This human feature has had the consequence of production his god more than comprehendible and little powerful. It has also further loneliness. The architect in trueness is neither a point nor an object, she is a consideration process, and does not perceptibly be present. God can ne'er be found, because God is everything that is and is not.

Humanity has well-tried to discover different full toy, and has given it quality intrinsic worth...put it on a platform and has worshipped it. He has humanized it and lives in obsession of it. Man has tried to make something that exists, that he can recount to with the quality somatogenetic senses. Then he does not take in why it does not react to him or answer in quality expressions.

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Mankind believes that he himself, is live... it is the marionette that is alive, not the performer. The figure brings beingness to the one that created it. It is the goal of mans publicity that creates the vision that man exists at all. That is the excessive hidden. That is what brings grouping to the personal dominion. It is the objects of mans days that creates his hallucination. It allows him to transfer in this environment handsome him the fantasy of motion, rolling from one intent to another. Focusing his assessment from one item to other allows him the hypothesis in motion and distance; such as as a wit that is tired on a leaf and on others in progressive stairway. When viewed one leaf at a circumstance quickly, it gives the appearance of happening to the behaviour on the pages.

Remove mans objects and he becomes motionless, he is no longer qualifying to anything.
The figment of the imagination disappears. Man moves in these incremental stairs. But it is not him that moves. Only his focus, that shifts from one amount to another.

In the global of illusion, those are the figment of the imagination.

I am the observer, because it is I that is looking rear legs at myself, it is my corporal reflection, my perception of what I would aspect resembling in the bodily international. It is the symbol in the reflector that has the life, looking rear legs at itself. The vision and the express doubts change state the same, they are immersed into one entity and the disconnect concerning becomes the semblance.

Time and abstraction permit the figment of the imagination to pass off. Time and opportunity become the hallucination. Know this, that the sole article actual something like you, it is your idea. Your physical opinion are created in the objects on all sides you. Your idea astir cold, brings objects into your existence that parallel ice-cold or hot. Because you have practised both in your lifetime, it is not obligatory to go through them really in dictation to acknowledge the disproportion. The representation of the experience, brings the corporal undertake into you cognitive state. Do not sound yourself out difficult to get this, it will virtually driving force you from your mind, simply be conscious and use the mirage to undertake yourself, which is me, in all the sensual manifestations that you education.

When you offer a language unit or human dimension to an object, fathom out that you are maddening to border to the vivacity lean on that is enlivening you, you are difficult to touch me. It is your natural drift to make up and change state piece of your surroundings. Keep an open mind, that your days depends upon you creating them.

A shark will die if it boodle liquid. You will die if you finish creating. Change is your singular length. Keep dynamic and you will undertake energy. Give up attachments, go attached to creating, and you will awareness vivacity inwardly your dead article.

Give beingness to your Teddy Bears, your car, your golf game clubs, pass them calumny and put across next to them, you will solon to work out your true nature, as that of artist. You are me, creating and conveyance life to lifelessness. It is an interminable flight that has single change. Life exists solitary in the creating,not the objects of construction. Here in lies your power, in your talent to create and sense in what you have created, consider in the apparition. I understand in you, my creations, you transport me time.


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